About Us

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          Chanful Voice Technic Co., Ltd, established in Taichung, Taiwan in 1988, specializes in microphone, headphone & microphone cartridge. The major types include OBM , ODM and OEM . Chanful has improved itself to meet the market needs since established. The 30% of products is for the domestic needs and the rest of products approximately exports to overseas. The main market is Europe.

        The distinctive differences for Chanful from other factories are the ability of design and good factory management. In the aspect of design, the patents related to microphones, microphone parts and headphones are won by Chanful in Taiwan, China, and U.S.A. Also, the engineers apply knowledge and skills to create suitable products for our clients. In the aspect of factory management, some common principles, such as SOP, ISO & 5S, are applied. Employees work more efficient in a safe environment. The quality of products is able to maintain.